Equipment Fleet

IS&R has invested heavily in a fleet of trucks and trailers in order to carry the necessary rescue equipment needed to be prepared and respond to a variety of different scenarios.

Our Fleet Includes:

Rescue Breathing Apparatus

  • Air Carts
  • SCBA’s
  • Escape Air Bottles

Rescue and Extraction Hardware

  • 1000’ of ½’ rope in various lengths
  • Long and short haul systems
  • Petzl ID
  • MPD
  • Yates Spec-Pac
  • SKED
  • Stokes Basket
  • Backboard
  • Tripod with Winch
  • Arizona Vortex

Medical Equipment with the Ability to Treat

  • with Medical Grade O2
  • Manage Airways
  • Test and Treat for Low Blood Sugar
  • Trauma
  • Every Kit has an AED

Confined Space Equipment

  • MSA Altair Gas Monitors
  • Motorola Digital Radios
  • Ducted Blowers/Ventilators
  • Tripod with Winch
  • Arizona Vortex
  • Lockout/Tagout Kit
  • Lighting and Safety Cones and Barricades