Rescue Plans

When your employees are working at a high angle or in a confined space, do you know how to bring them to safety if they were to fall or become trapped? Having a rescue plan helps everyone understand what to do before a disaster happens.

IS&R can work with your team to create a customized rescue plan based on your specific job site needs.

IS&R will help you:

  • Assess your work environment
  • Develop a rescue plan specific to you needs and work area
  • Train employees to follow the rescue plan
  • Set up your job site with the proper equipment
  • Determine appropriate medical response rate and necessity of an on-site rescue team

When the safety of your employees is at risk, don’t leave anything to chance. Trust IS&R to help you prepare and provide your employees the safest practical setting available, when anything is possible.

Request a quote or call 800-244-1238 to learn how we can customize a plan to meet your safety and rescue needs.