Fall Protection Awareness

This (4) hr. course is designed to meet the requirements of OSHA 1910 and 1926.503. Participants will gain the understanding and skills necessary to identify, mitigate and avoid hazards associated with working at height. The course features a series of presentations, demonstrations and hands-on exercises and is designed for those who are new and those experienced in Fall Protection and are looking to begin or enhance their knowledge. Although structured, each of these instructional courses can be specialized to the equipment, environment, or fall hazards that are present in the specific work environment and can be held in our classroom or adapted to your office or jobsite.

Our course combines:

  • Classroom instruction with hands-on training
  • OSHA rules of when Fall Protection is required.
  • We will cover proper use, care and selection of fall protection systems
  • donning a harness, anchor points, horizontal life lines and lanyards Proper equipment, selection and 
  • Proper equipment setup and donning
with demonstrations and hands-on exercises
  • Hazard Recognition, Evaluation and Control
  • Fall Prevention vs. Protection
  • Basic Principles of Fall Forces (live demonstrations)
  • Overview of Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS)

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